Liliac Winery

Transylvania is a blessed region located in the North Western part of Romania. Here tradition and legend meet character. A county full of history and substance, wise and hardworking
people strongly connected to the land and a huge interest in myths. Transylvania lives through its stories. From the chronicles about Vlad Ţepeș, Matei Corvin and the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the legends of Dracula and haunted castles, Transylvania is a place of wonder.

Winemaking has always been part of this land. The wine producing area of Lechinta and Batoș (map 29), Liliac’s home is blessed with the famous Transylvanian hills, rich in minerals and located in a moderate continental climate that contributes to great ripening of the finest of grapes The vines on the hilltops of the wine region of Lechinta have an extremely favourable micro climate which guarantees optimal ripening. The soils of the 12 hectare estate, are light, sandy and possess only marginal loam content. These are the best conditions for fresh, fruity wines in particular.

The soil in the low lying vineyards of Batoș is heavy, well-grounded and has a high water retention capacity. The current 52 hectares are planted with traditional white grape varieties and also red varieties. The terroir is markedly affected by the considerable temperature difference between day and night. The grapes harvested here have the potential for a full bodied wine. In the newly built cellar the winemaker’s remarkable know how and the latest technology complement each other. Hand selected grapes are processed with the same care used while ripening in the vineyard, benefiting from the skill of a team of local and international winemakers.

The style of winemaking is very similar to that of the New World, with an end result of fresh wines full of floral and fruity notes, perfectly incorporating the typical high acidity. The traditional grape varieties Fetească Regală and Fetească Albă can find here their best expression, resulting in wines of intense flavour, gorgeously capturing their best attributes. International varieties also thrive here and reach their full potential.

Liliac’s Wines